Name Edit

The name is Ryan. They didn't describe his full name. He is from Chicago and he is Alonso's opposite.

Alonso (who’s last name is never mentioned) family moves a lot in Illinois because of his dads job

Drew lives in the White House with his mom president Kim

Appearance Edit

Ryan has reddish-blond hair and is strongly built with bright blue eyes; also cute but in a different way.

Alonso is tall and thin with a head of thick, dark hair, He has big “puppy dog” brown eyes, and according to Evelyn “A really cute smile.”

Drew taller than the others, Asian American, wiry, with short, straight black hair, and according to Rosemary Chavez she’s good-looking, he also has sturdy silver-framed glasses

Personality Edit

Ryan is interested in Louisa Ballinger he loves to eat and knows how to back her up and take charge when she cant or don't have to know how to make plans.

Alonso is smart and makes theories like Evelyn does, he has a relaxed attitude and is interested in Evelyn Posner

Drew is interested in Rosemary Chavez (Rosie) and his mom is the president of the United States

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